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What sets you apart


What sets you apart?

Odds are, not enough.

And being ordinary is rarely an accident.

Brands chasing the market are often the result of timid strategy, unimaginative teams, and generic customer experiences. Hence a world crammed with choice, too much of which is depressingly alike.

What sets great brands apart?

Uncommon vision. Vision that combines market perspective, creative thinking, and an appetite for risk—all aimed at doing something remarkable. And having the backbone to stand up, declare it, and then deliver it.

That’s why great brands are a promise wrapped in an experience.

Great brands promise to be the very best at something—something delivered through an alluring experience they are best positioned to provide.

Effective brand promises are clear, compelling, shout commitment, personal, and kept. No equivocation, no wiggle room. Rather a promise that directly and strongly appeals to their target buyers and does little for others.

If you are a second or third tier player, moving up the field is a tough flog. To succeed entails creating or reigniting an engaging brand promise—delivered seamlessly through the brand, product, retail, and company’s culture. Something that sounds easy, yet is so very difficult to bring to life.

Brand Rules has helped companies get past the marketplace muddle. We work to unleash creativity within the company using conceptual tools like the Brand Trianglesm and getting granular on both the promise and experience. Most of our clients already have more than enough market data, research, and in-house market expertise to move forward.

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